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"How to Create a Million Dollar Content Roadmap" - Adam Chronister 2022

Adam Chronister is an SEO Strategist that has been at the forefront of marketing for over a decade now. He has published a significant body of research on technical SEO.

He has designed and developed several custom digital marketing tools - including a website auditing tool, a search engine spider simulator, a SERP preview tool, and a quantitative headline analyzer, to name a few.

His insights have been featured in various teaching and training materials of SEMRush, SERanking, Social Media Week, MarketMuse, Voices of Search and other thought-leaders in the digital marketing space.

He contributed to the digital marketing campaigns for some of America's largest brands including Smiths, The Dallas Fort Worth Airport, and the University of Idaho.

"Themed Link Building Strategies" - Florencia Estevez 2022

Florencia Estevez is an SEO Consultant and the co-founder of Latinas en SEO. In the year 2000, she participated in a contest by Chicos Net Civil Association to create her own website and the rest they say, is history.

She is currently the SEO Director at NO BS Marketplace. Learn more as she talks about "Themed Link Building Strategies".

"How to Sell a Local Product Internationally - Case Study" - Gemma Fontane 2022

Gemma Fontane is a Trilingual SEO and web analytics freelance consultant with experience working in agencies and communication departments. She has knowledge in SEM and has a background in Leadership strategies for B2B and B2C companies with the aim of helping them generate business.

She is also adept at technical SEO as well as content, international and local. She is enthusiastic about designing SEO strategies, implementing them, and then learning from the results.

"Structured data and schema markup, Knowledge graphs" - Suresh Kumar Gondi 2022

Suresh Kumar Gondi is a self-taught custom schema markup developer who has proven that schema markup can increase search engine rankings.

He works full-time as a Technical SEO Consultant, assisting businesses in figuring out how to get the most out of technology and marketing for their website's growth.

He is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer with a proven track record in the computer software business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photography, E-commerce, WordPress, and Mobile Applications are some of his specialties.

He is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Computer Science from Dr. MGR University.

"E-A-T Isn’t New, But it is Important" - Evan Hall 2022

Evan Hall is a senior SEO strategist at Portent which has specialized in digital marketing, web analytics, split testing, and website management for over a decade.

He is currently learning JavaScript and Python and loves solving technical SEO challenges. Evan loves to play tabletop games and reading science fiction when he's not cleaning up websites.

"Web Content Creation" - Rebecca Reynolds 2022

Stories connect people, and they’ve done so since the dawn of time. Without these stories, we wouldn’t have the cultures, the music, the myths and the literature that we engage with every day. Beckii is a wordsmith at heart and loves any and all tales. Her imagination is always on the run, and she is always running to the nearest bookshop!

She went on a search to find like-minded people who wanted to share stories. Beckii believes in the power of narrative, and she wants to share that power with companies seeking to grab and hold the public’s attention.

And thus, Riddle Me Write was born! She now spends her days managing the best native English speaking writers to ensure that businesses get the content they deserve.

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