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"Lessons Learned From Building and Selling 100+ DFY Niche Sites" - Aleksandar Ivanovski 2022

Aleksandar Ivanovski has been doing SEO for over a decade. He has focused on keyword/niche sites for clients in the last 5 years.

He owns Web Asset Builders, a done-for-you content service that includes keyword and competition research, as well as a full content plan, templates, styling, and posting. He is also launching a new keyword research software called KWHero.

"How to create an image ALT optimization strategy" - Himani Kankaria 2022

Himani Kankaria is a digital and eCommerce consultant who specializes in content and social media strategy. She is a speaker at global conferences such as BrightonSEO, Whitespark Local Search Summit, Semrush, Meet Magento, and others.

She specializes in authoring research-oriented, search intent-based, and value-driven content for B2B organizations and is a regular contributor to the Search Engine Journal.

She founded Missive Digital, an organic digital marketing agency for B2B, SaaS, and Tech companies that provides auditing, strategizing, conceptualizing, creating, and optimization services for content, SEO, social media, and email marketing.

"The Future of Local SEO in A New Realm: GBP" - Begum Kaya 2022

Begum Kaya is the founder and SEO Consultant of BK Solutions, which provides SEO-focused digital solutions to help organizations become more inspiring and resilient.

She helps companies assess their existence, evaluate their competition, strategize with their available resources, and grow to where they want to be.

She is also a Product Expert for Google My Business. She is a strong champion for women in SEO, and one of her favorite communities is Women in Tech SEO.

"Accessibility SEO in 2022" - Diane Kulseth 2022

Diane Kulseth is the Senior SEO Consultant and Trainer at Siteimprove, where she leads SEO education for the US team and works with customers and prospective customers in building a stronger SEO strategy.

Prior to her current role, she served in Digital Strategy positions at the University of St. Thomas, the largest private college in Minnesota (US) and local non-profit,

With over 10 years of cross-vertical experience, including Fortune 500 brands, e-Commerce, Healthcare, and Government, Diane enjoys digging into and solving complex digital marketing problems that customers face, enabling them to connect with qualified audiences and increase their brand reach. She is a frequent speaker on SEO & digital marketing with recent appearances at Digital Summit and SMX.

"Jack of all Trades or Master of None? The KPIs to work towards as SEOs" - Alice Logan 2022

Alice Logan is an SEO expert based in the United Kingdom. She launched her career client-side in a 360 communications role before gaining two years as an SEO generalist agency-side.

She creates strategies for B2C and B2B clients and is currently leading website migrations at ROAST - a digital performance agency of TIPi Group, which is an award-winning network of specialist digital agencies.

"Harmonic SEO - From Meta to Mega" - Joseph Kahn 2022

From Award-Winning Pop Band to top ranker for Looney Tunes, Joseph finds himself lost in new search engine ranking tactics and building harmonics in digital teams daily. Joseph was named Leader of the Year for John Maxwell's company Maximum Impact in 2003 by practicing employee harmonics to reach Fortune's Top 500 Fastest Growing Company status.

Now, Joseph takes his newly found SEO skills to create harmonic roadmaps for ranking at the top of Google. Joseph's Asperger's gives him a special flare for seeing patterns. This innate skill helps him at all SEO and Marketing levels to see the stuff that only scraper tools and software can see. Oh, and he's a drummer and played in a band with Katie Perry's Grammy-Award-Winning guitar player. He is also father of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) and his wife, a Dr. of Psychology, is a partner in his agency: Hum JAM.

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