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Andrea Paternostro: “Design a Practical Knowledge Base with WordPress (and harvest SEO benefits)”

Andrea Paternostro is an SEO manager, webmaster, lecturer, publisher and journalist.

He is an expert in content strategy. He works for Irion, a Turin-based software company, and is an expert in content strategy, instructive websites, and WordPress.

Andrea is also a regular instructor at SAE Institute Milan in Digital Technologies and Applications, as well as an SEO Trainer at Job Farm's Master in Digital Marketing.

He is the founder of Milano Weekend and Italia Weekend Network, as well as their SEO manager.

Jonny Ross: "Google My Business and Local Search Engine Optimization"

Jonny Ross has over 23 years experience in small business, and over 21 years experience in digital online technologies specializing in SEO, Data, User Experience and digital marketing.

He is the founder and digital marketing specialist at Fleek Marketing - an award-winning digital marketing company that works with a wide range of B2B and B2C businesses, and both public and third sector organizations.

As a marketing consultant and fractional CMO, he has a knack of helping businesses of all sizes to figure out their goals. He helps bring in more leads and deliver impactful marketing through an approach rooted in his own deep SEO expertise and experience.

Mufaddal Sadriwala: "15 Google Search Console Hacks/Tips/Tricks You Probably are Unaware of"

Mufaddal Sadriwala is a SEO Strategist at iProspect leading a team of Senior & Junior Executives. He worked as a Senior SEO Executive at A&B digital marketing agency based in Mumbai.

He started working at A&B in 2016 and his current tasks include creating strategies for all the ongoing SEO campaigns and managing the tasks assigned to their SEO team as well as consulting tier-1 SEO clients.

He writes and edits a SEO blog called The Rank Machine. One of his accomplishments includes ranking an event ticketing business called insider in the top 4 positions for multiple keywords across India without building a single link.

Irina Serdyukovskaya: "Core Web Vitals for WordPress"

Irina Serdyukovskaya is an SEO Consultant & Trainer with over ten years of experience. She has worked in-house as an SEO & PR team lead in Asia & Europe.

After ten years working within companies, She decided to work on her own and focus on SEO. She sees the “bigger” picture, how different marketing channels and business processes are connected, and what the value SEO can bring.

She helps companies to gain higher SEO visibility and increase brand awareness by creating SEO strategies and providing SEO Tech Audits to improve sites. She focuses on small and medium size projects in the UK, Italy and other European markets. She also provides SEO training and workshops for companies to gain knowledge about SEO tools and strategies.

Chris Simmance: "The Secrets of High Performing Digital Agencies"

Chris Simmance is a Marketing Consultant with over a decade of experience in digital marketing and he established a digital agency in London and Manchester that specializes in strategy-driven, results-focused SEO and paid media.

He has judged multiple Digital Marketing industry awards and eCommerce awards in the EU and the UK.

He is a notable Keynote speaker at digital and business events and contributes to many digital marketing publications.

"How to Publish 100+ Pages of Good Content Per Month" - Nick Jordan

Nick is the executive editor at They help high-growth technology companies build massive audiences through organic search.

Their team has grown from 0 to 25 FTEs in 16 months because of their insane outcomes.

They have a combined 65,000+ first page keywords across their projects:

✔️ 0 to 47,000 organics/month in 13 months for
✔️ 0 to 103,000 organics/month in 13 months for
✔️ 0 to 116,000 organics/month in 13 months for
✔️ 0 to 166,000 organics/month in 13 months for
✔️ 0 to 232,000 organics/month in 13 months for

... all without building backlinks or implementing complicated technical SEO.

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