Tool of the Week – Rep Co Reviews Tool

We recently caught up with Jacob Kettner, the visionary that’s on a mission to help business owners dominate search engine rankings by assisting them to get first-class reviews on Google with their great tool

Jacob’s also the founder of First Rank Inc., and their primary concern is to help business owners:

  • Rank higher on search engine and get eyeballs and leads for their business.
  • Dominate their niches on the search engine search results.
  • Book more appointments from prospects who have expressed interest in their services. Reviews Tool – Getting your business noticed

As most of us are already aware, getting your business ranked on Google is complex. One of the factors that play a role in your rankings is Google reviews of your business.

They can make or break your online (and offline) reputation.

In our interview, Jacob shares precisely how our brains are wired to trust Google reviews – almost as of it were a recommendation from a friend. If your reviews are good, your customers are getting hands-on recommendations from your happy customers. The best kind of word-of-mouth there is, especially since we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Make sure you sign up with this link to ensure you get grandfathered in pricing for new locations for LIFE!

We don’t want to give too much away, though. You can have a listen to Jacob’s insightful chat with Mads and learn all about his innovative new tool, Reviews.

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