SEO Mastery Summit Speaker Introduction – 10 September 2021

We’re kicking off the SEO Mastery Summit on Monday, 13 September!

We’ve already introduced you to tons of the talent that will be speaking at the summit, but there are even more to come. Introducing Nik Ranger, Per Andreasen, Liraz Postan, Igor Shulezhko, Gert Mellak, and Izabela Wisniewska.

Nik Ranger coming in with some golden SEO hacks!

Nik Ranger is a Technical SEO specialist, search industry keynote speaker, and was shortlisted for the Young Search Professional SEMrush award.

She’s the Co-Host of SEMrush’s Australian Search Marketing Academy (ASMA), Host of SEO Meetup Melbourne, and founder of SEO Collective Australia.

Clearly, she’s an SEO genius that will share some of her top-notch knowledge with us!

Her topic: “The Evaluation of Search”

Per Andreasen is sharing his latest SEO Battleplans

He’s known as The World’s Strongest Copywriter – the copywriter that’s written for Adobe Tech Blog as well as a long list of other big companies in the fitness, tech, and construction industries.

Per has a BA in journalism and uses his experience from newsrooms to get his clients in the media. These days he also teaches other copywriters how to build better businesses.

His topic: “SEO Battleplans: How to Enter the Conversation that brought them to you.”

International SEO Wisdom from Liraz Postan

Liraz Postan is an International SEO and Content Expert for more than 13 years. She led SEO and content strategies from B2C to B2B, from Gaming to business niches – she’s done it all!

Liraz is also an International SEO speaker at global conferences: from SMX, SEMrush online offline and online events to BrightonSEO and more.

She’s bringing her international SEO talents to the summit with the topic: “Lowdown on International SEO.”

Igor Shulezhko and Vitaliy Tsymbalyuk with their expertise on SCRUM

Igor Shulezko is the owner of the SEO agency RankUp, and he and Vitaliy Tsymbalyuk are the co-founders. They are the first SEO agency that implemented SCRUM at a non-IT company in Ukraine.

Both Igor and Vitaliy have years of SEO and agency experience and are veterans in the field.

Since they are the Ukrainian experts on SCRUM, they will be speaking to us about the topic: “SCRUM as the main method of SEO project management”

Gert Mellak will be sharing his tips for the ERICA Framework

Gert Mellak is an SEO veteran, with 20 years of experience in the field. He’s the founder and owner of the brilliant SEO agency, SEOLeverage.

He’s worked with massive companies like Regus, CommsChoice, or Successwise, helping them to leverage organic traffic for their business growth.

His topic: “The ERICA Framework for SEO”

Izabela Wisniewska with some excellent SEO technical auditing hacks

Izabela’s been working in the SEO industry since 2013. She gained experience working in award-winning digital marketing agencies in Birmingham and London, and also client-side as a Marketing Manager.

Currently, she runs her own online marketing agency, Creatos Media, where apart from being a Director, she works as a Head of Search Marketing. She is also a sports addict, when she is not SEOing you can find her running, dancing, leading Zumba classes, or participating in kickboxing training.

Her topic: “SEO Technical Auditing – How to go about it”

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