SEO Mastery Summit Speaker Introduction – 27 August 2021

The third SEO Mastery Summit is almost here! We can’t wait to introduce the next exciting speakers – Darby Rahme, Olivier Duong, Sofie Couwenbergh, Christopher Hofman Laursen, and Saad Arshad Shatti.

Darby Rahme will share her Real Estate hacks

Darby Rahme is a Real Estate SEO expert – she’s the President of two companies dedicated to building and teaching based on absolute best practices in SEO, paid online marketing, and social media for Real Estate and other traditional industries.

She has over a decade of experience in SEO and Google Ads and has worked with Fortune 500 companies and many real estate giants.

Her topic: “Page 1 Hacks for Real Estate.”

Olivier Duong will help us fix our conversion leaks

Olivier Duong is a Haitian-French-Vietnamese marketing strategist, somewhat of a creative and certified nice guy. With no money, no degree, and a family to feed, he started his first website in a room at his in-laws.

Because he was clueless about SEO (What’s an H1?) he cut his teeth making the most conversion from the little traffic that he had. After a decade he now helps clients make more from the same traffic with the help of CRO, emails, and funnels.

His topic: “Same traffic, more money: Fixing 10 Conversion leaks.”

Sofie Couwenbergh gives us advice on working with freelance writers

At age 12, Sofie Couwenbergh told her parents she‘d do ‘something with writing‘ later, and that‘s exactly what she‘s been up to for more than 10 years now. Sofie learned content strategy through trial and error, growing her own authority site in the competitive travel industry to over 200,000 uniques. Right now, she applies her skills to help brands in the digital marketing and communication spheres generate more qualified leads through blog content.

Her topic: “Working with freelance SEO writers: the importance of consistent communication, from briefing to sign-off”

Christopher Laursen will teach us his ways with customer journey mapping

Christopher is the SEO Lead at IMPACT Extend, a +200 people agency in the Nordics that helps larger omnichannel and B2B players – he’s also worked with many Fortune 500 companies. He’s an excellent SEO, a regular Moz contributor, and was nominated for best Nordic SEO campaign with Nyt Syn in 2020.

His talk: “Customer journey mapping for Google” is for anyone who works with keyword audits and topic clusters.

Saad Arshad Shatti helps us get the most out of content audits

Saad has years of experience in the technical, content, and strategy aspects of SEO. He worked as an SEO manager at Get Known Inc before forming his own team operating under the brand name ‘GYE Media’.

He will be discussing an in-depth case study on how content audit can play a vital role in restoring lost traffic and increasing traffic over time.

We’ll be sharing more of our fantastic speakers next week, so stay tuned! And if you haven’t signed up for the summit yet, make sure to do so at

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