SEO Mastery Summit Weekly Roundup – 16 July 2021

Our speakers are once again making the world of SEO a better, more innovative, and friendlier place. We catch up with Gregory Elfrink, Olesia Korobka, and Julie Adams to see what they’re up to these days.

Gregory Elfrink is turning Empire Flippers into a YouTube sensation

Gregory Elfrink is the director of marketing over at the world-renowned Empire Flippers – a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Empire Flippers is one of the best in the industry; they continue to go from strength to strength even in these uncertain times.

Gregory produces tons of content for them, including an excellent YouTube channel that keeps growing! In a recent post, Gregory shared that their YouTube channel finally hit 1000 subscribers (and has grown exponentially since).

Don’t miss out on subscribing to their channel to learn all about the company and learn some excellent online business tips and tricks.

Olesia Korobka shares the secret science of SEO audits in 2021

She’s an SEO expert and entrepreneur of note, and she shares her vast SEO knowledge frequently.

Olesia Korobka recently did an excellent webinar with Semrush‘s SEO Bytes with Nitin, where they spoke about SEO audits. More specifically, they chatted about the complex science of SEO audits in 2021, along with the amazing Lucasz Zelezny.

All aspects of SEO are now more relevant than ever, as the pandemic made the digital world even more prevalent. Keep yourself in the 2021 SEO loop and have a listen!

Make your affiliate brand more credible with Julie Adams

Julie Adams, the owner of SERP Decoder, is a well-versed and experienced local and affiliate SEO expert. She’s helped many websites from ground level and promoted them to sell for 6-figures – a confirmed affiliate marketing expert.

That’s why, when Matt Diggity recently had her on his popular YouTube channel to talk about building trust online through affiliate marketing, we were all ears.

She’s not wearing her Google Whisperer T-shirt for nothing – don’t miss out on learning affiliate tips from the best.

Tool of the week #1 – Rep Co Reviews

For our very first tool of the week, we had a chat with Jacob Kettner, the visionary that brought us reviews. Check out his chat with Mads, where he walks us through all the important aspects of this exciting tool.

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