SEO Mastery Summit Weekly Roundup – 25 June 2021

This week, we share some exciting news from Marty Marion and Viola Eva. We also share an excellent roundup of SEO’s to watch out for by Jonas Sickler from Terakeet.

Learn from the Master Positioner himself, Marty Marion

Marty Marion’s career spans over more than 4 decades, and he is a smash hit in the SEO world. As the senior executive of two massive marketing agencies and the founder of Master Positioning, he’s definitely the guy you need to help you master your brand’s positioning.

According to Marty, positioning science is the most powerful strategy in any marketer’s toolkit by far. That’s why he created the Essentials of the Positioning video course, which is uniquely designed for SEOs, agencies, brand owners, consultants, and marketers in every niche.

The Master Positioning Positioning Essentials video course will teach you:

  • To create higher converting ads at lower costs and higher ROAS than ever before
  • Get insane increases in search ranking, CTR & conversion rates
  • How to close higher-value clients faster than ever before

Viola Eva helps us decode Trello and Asana’s success secrets

Viola Eva is a well-known, respected SEO and the SEO Manager and founder of Flow SEO – a boutique SEO agency that caters to digital businesses.

She’s also a renowned speaker, featuring in major conferences such as PubCon, UnGagged, Friends of Search, InOrbit, and SEO Mastery Summit, of course.

That’s why we know that when she’s hosting an event, it’s a great idea to attend.

Join Viola on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, where she will discuss the topic: Decoding the SEO Secrets of Trello and Asana. Anyone is welcome, and you can save yourself a seat and set a reminder to be there – don’t miss out!

Our speakers are industry leaders – just ask Terakeet!

Terakeet’s Jonas Sickler recently published an excellent list of 30+ Amazing SEO’s to follow on Twitter. We’re happy to bask in some of the glory, as we’ve been lucky enough to have many of these awesome SEOs as our speakers.

Some of our previous speakers included in his list are:

And, of course, we completely agree that they are amazing to follow on Twitter (or anywhere else, really).

Jonas also mentions that every SEO mentioned in the list provides valuable information on SEO and other topics on Twitter.

Why not learn from some of the best in the business? Join their conversations by giving them a follow!

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Have a lovely weekend – we’ll be back again next week.

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