SEO Mastery Summit Weekly Roundup – 30 July 2021

Our speakers continue to amaze us with their exciting projects and the amount of knowledge they are willing to share freely with all of us. This week, we share what Craig Campbell, Aiala Icaza González, and Gabriel Machuret are working on lately.

We were also lucky enough to have a chat with Serge Shlykov about AMZ Watcher, our excellent Tool of the Week.

Craig Campbell can answer your SEO questions in 50 seconds

There are many SEO YouTube channels out there, but we’re sure Craig Campbell’s channel is the most entertaining of them all. Not only will you find yourself chuckling now and then, but you’ll also learn loads and find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Craig is a celebrated and experienced SEO with the fantastic reputation of always being happy to help anyone with a question, or even a long list of questions. We recently stumbled across his shorts playlist – a playlist dedicated to answering questions that people ask him on social media in about 50 seconds.

Below is one of his latest short videos, where he gives tips on getting mass page sites to stay indexed in response to a question on the subject.

Have a listen, browse and subscribe to his channel, and don’t miss out on learning from an SEO mastermind sharing so much of his knowledge with the world.

Aiala González shares the value of having a more human approach to site structure

Aiala Icaza González is the SEO Director at Reflect Digital with a passion for two things: SEO and humans. She knows and preaches that SEO is also about reaching humans, not only pleasing Google.

Aiala recently featured as a guest in the newly launched WTSPodcast (Women in Tech SEO), where she and co-host, Sarah McDowell, took a deep dive into a more human approach to site structure. They explore why focusing on humans is so important, as well as what works and what doesn’t.

Have a listen if you’d like to improve your own site’s human experience. You’ll come for the valuable information and stay for the jokes and fun q-and-a session.

ASO expert, Gabriel Machuret, shares his expertise on app rankings

ASO (App Store Optimization) is his game, and he just may be the best in the business. Gabriel Machuret is the founder of The ASO Agency, where he’s helped countless apps boost their rankings in the app store.

He created an excellent newsletter where he shares all his expert ASO tips – every app owner or developer will benefit from reading his cheat sheets.

Recently he’s been sharing all about the intricate connection between app reviews and their rankings. He comes armed with experience and real-life case studies to show you the proof of what affects your apps’ rankings.

If you’re in the app industry, this is probably one of the only newsletters you need to subscribe to – you’ll be catching tips from the very best each week!

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