SEO Tool Review – AMZ Watcher

We were lucky enough to catch up with Serge Shlykov, the absolute mastermind that brought us a tool that we love to use all the time, AMZ Watcher.

Serge is a software engineer, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, and successful businessman that saw a need for this tool in his own affiliate websites. He recently shared all of the information around this tool in a quick chat with Mads.

What can AMZ Watcher do for your Amazon affiliate marketing business?

AMZ Watcher is an Amazon affiliate link monitoring tool that helps content creators keep affiliate links active. However, there’s much more to it than just keeping links active – this tool helps you earn more with your content site, save time on research and build your business for the long term.

Some of its best features include:

  • Find broken and unavailable links to Amazon
  • Find missing Amazon affiliate tags
  • Get notified when products become unavailable
  • Track and analyse your Amazon site portfolio within seconds

Don’t take our word for it though, have a listen to Serge’s full chat with Mads to find out all about this tool and how it can be useful for you and your business.

Don’t forget to use the code SEOMASTERY and this link for 20% off on 3 months or off a yearly plan!

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