SEO Mastery Summit Weekly Roundup – 4 June 2021

Hello and welcome to our 4th of June weekly roundup of all the great things happening in the world of SEO.

Since we’ve had the privilege of having so many unique and inspiring speakers at our previous summits, we knew it would be exciting to stay updated on what they’re currently working on.

Our first speaker that’s making some serious waves in SEO at the moment is the wonderful Crystal Carter.

Crystal Carter got herself published on the Moz blog – twice!

Not only is she a fantastic marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience, but she’s also the Senior Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions. 

We recently saw her in the SEO news as the writer of some fascinating articles for Moz. If you’re anything like us, you love a well-written blog on anything related to SEO or digital marketing. 

Be sure to give her first article a read for some exciting golden nuggets on structured data in SME:

The Strategic Value of Structured Data Implementation on SME Websites

Or, check out my personal favorite on the importance of technical SEO in link-building:

Technical SEO Implementations to Increase the Impact of Your Link Building Campaigns

Better yet, read both.

Then, Steve Toth from SEO Notebook is still writing his excellent notes and sharing them with the world. 

Steve Toth – Changing SEO one note at a time

Steve’s notebook has been around for a few years now. Still, clearly, we believe it deserves an honorable mention in our first article, as Steve was one of our first speakers. He is a seasoned SEO with a foot-long list of achievements, and his most recent success revolves around the start of the SEO Notebook.

There aren’t that many newsletters worth having in your inbox – both for interest and sanity’s sake. However, you will not go wrong with this one. The SEO Notebook is full of amazing tidbits, thoughts, and ideas from an SEO master.

Even better, the tips and tricks are for everyone. Therefore, beginner and seasoned SEO’s alike will learn something from being a subscriber to this email list.

For example, this was his most recent offering:

The YouTube tutorial is an added bonus, the full note on getting local keywords done fast is delivered in your inbox. Great, helpful, quick tips once a week. What a legend.

So, if you’ve been looking for a sign telling you that you need some more spice in your SEO life, go see what it’s all about at

Finally, we have some exciting news from Kyle Roof, another excellent speaker from our first summit. 

Course Master – Kyle Roof

Kyle already has a few courses on IMG Courses – an all-in-one platform to learn anything and everything in the world of digital marketing. They don’t call themselves the “Netflix for SEO’s” for nothing.

In the last few weeks, Kyle:

  • Launched a new course called Beginning SEO. This course is great for new SEO’s to learn a thing or two or for seasoned SEO’s to teach newcomers to the field.
  • Released an update to his On-Page SEO course from 2019 with over 20 new lessons. He teaches some serious on-page SEO and talks about how some concepts have evolved.
  • Put out an update on his new course on White Hat SEO with a live case study. His exact words were, “About 6 months in on a brand new site in a tough niche, and the results are posted (spoiler alert: it’s working).”
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Our speakers are making waves, and we are here for it.

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