Tool of the Week – Link Whisper

We’re super excited for this tool of the week because it’s an excellent plugin that we often use ourselves.

Spencer Haws, founder, and owner of Niche Pursuits, recently spoke to us about his exciting WordPress plugin tool called Link Whisper. Spencer is a seasoned SEO with tons of link-building experience, making him the perfect guy to create a tool that helps people improve their website’s internal link building.

How can Link Whisper help me?

Link Whisper makes building smart internal links for your site much easier, faster, and more efficient.

How does this tool make internal linking more efficient? It:

  • Provides automatic link-building suggestions as you write your article
  • Helps you quickly find and build internal links to old posts
  • Automatically links from keywords of your choice
  • Gives reports on internal links
  • Assists you with fixing broken links

We think you might agree that a tool that does all this and more is worth checking out! Watch the full chat Mads Singers had with Spencer for all the exciting features and more information.

Make sure to use this link to avail your discount!

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